Water Resources Engineering

Water Resources Management

Systems Engineering Services (SES) is a technology implementation consulting firm providing services in the fields of engineering / environmental studies, geospatial technologies, topographic services, field data collection, land use planning and socio- economic and environmental assessment studies. Systems Engineering water resources / hydrologists routinely adopt basin management plans / watershed management assessment delineating terrain models with integration of digital elevation and remote sensing geospatial datasets for the assessment of drainage patterns in the area.

Services are also provided in the fields of reservoir sedimentation and river morphology. Use of remote sensing technologies associated with geotechnical and geomorphological data integration, field investigations and field surveys, research on surveillance, monitoring, and control of pollution of air, water, solid waste, and soil. Development of surface and sub-surface groundwater and watershed management models and studies are among major technical experience of the company. Sub-surface contaminant transport field investigations and modelling are also routinely adopted for sanitary Landfill sites locations governed under regulatory agencies laws such as US EPA and OSHA standards and other Federal and International laws.