Environmental Management

Ecological surveys, environmental impact assessments and solid waste management fields are major work experience areas at System Engineering Services (SES). Use of remote sensing technologies associated with geotechnical and geomorphological data integration, field investigations and field surveys, research on surveillance, monitoring, and control of pollution of air, water, solid waste, and soil.

Systems Engineering Services (SES) environmental specialists and consultants have extensive experience in working with local governments and authorities in international markets.

  • Solid Waste Management Plans (Garbage Transfer Stations / Landfill Sites)
  • Recycling and Composting Program Development
  • Collection Optimization
  • Financial Analysis
  • Collection, Disposal and Recycling Procurement Services
  • Waste Composition and Generation Analysis
  • Fleet Management System Analysis

 Urban environment assessment and assessment of contributing factors such as built-up areas, continuous densification with intense congestion, lack of cleanliness, unsanitary conditions, and poor maintenance of public infrastructure, over-construction and enormous encroachment of foot-paths, streets, roads and public amenity open spaces.

Garbage Transfer Stations (GTS) and sanitary Landfill sites require a wide range of technical knowledge base ranging from water characterization to waste disposal techniques. System Engineering Services (SES) in the field of solid waste characterization and disposal management and modeling provides the requisite background to participate and undertake construction / operations and management of GTS / Landfill sites locations.